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100% Community Driven

Every groundbreaking App begins with a grassroots following. At Safe Entry, we want to give control back to the community in the fight against COVID-19. Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure your privacy during contact tracing. Using QR code technology, Safe Entry enables you to scan people you meet and places you go for quick and easy check-in! All you need to do is make a health declaration to activate your scan code. It's that simple! In the event a user declares themselves COVID-19 positive, we notify every person and venue they have scanned the last 14 days. Get notified instantly if you have had potential contact with COVID-19!

Coffee Shop

Your Personal Check-in System

Step 1

Sign in as Individual


Step 2

Verify Number


Step 3

Declare Health Status


Step 4

Open your personal QR code under the tab YOU for people to scan. Or scan the people you meet and the places you go for your personal scan record


Step 5

Check your scan history under the tab YOU for your personal record


Step 6

Check ALERTS for instant notification if you have had contact with a COVID-19 declared person


SafeEntry for Individuals

Just 3 Simple Steps

1. Verify your number

2. Declare your health status

3. Check-in with people you meet & places you go so that we can let you know if you have had contact with a COVID-19 infected person.


SafeEntry for Individuals

Stay safe with touchless check-in with family, friends and colleagues!

SafeEntry offers free and simple digital check-in across venues and people for one seamless experience. Use SafeEntry for safe and secure person-to-venue check-in & person-to-person check-in that is:

- Anonymous

- Automated 

- Centralised

Register now and receive your unique QR code so you can start scanning the people you meet and places you go so that we can let you know if you have had contact with COVID-19.

Your privacy and security are guaranteed with anonymised IDs. No personal information is exchanged or disclosed.