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Digital check-in with live check-in counter and automated contact tracing. One solution for all Australian businesses for a completely contactless experience.


Suitable for Commercial and Small Business

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Hotel Desk Check-In


construction workers


Office Space


Medical Record Analysis



The SafeEntry Advantage

Touchless Check-in

No Dirty Pen & Paper Record Keeping

Touchless Catalogue or Menu Display

Safe Contact for Everyone

Unlimited Check-ins

Making Life Easier For You

Patron Verification

Prevent Inaccurate & False Check-ins

Integrated Visitor Health Screening

Ensure Everyone's Health & Safety

Centralised and Automated Contact Tracing

Wherever, Whenever

Instant Notification Re COVID-19 Contact

Protect Your Business Quickly

Automated Daily Check-in Count

Comply Easily with Government Regulations

Person to Person Check-in Available

Anonymised IDs Exchanged Only

Web app. No Downloads or Operating System Updates

Your Ticket to a Simpler Life

Apple iOS and Android Supported

Choose the Seamless Experience

Australian Company

Supporting Australians to Stop the Spread

Compliant with Australian Health & Safety Regulations

Mandatory Digital Record Keeping in certain States

Private and Secure Data Storage in Australia

Data Stored for 60 Days

Integrations Available on Request

Booking Engines & POS Systems


Join the thousands of people in Australia using SafeEntry Business

SafeEntry is used at locations such as schools, sports stadia, offices, industrial, medical, retail and commercial facilities.


Set up SafeEntry Business

Get started in 60 seconds

Step 1

Sign in as Business

Mobile & desktop friendly

New home screen

Step 2

Verify number


Step 3

Register venue


Step 4

Upload menu or service list


Step 5

Download and post QR code


Step 6

Request visitors check-in upon entry


Steps for Visitor Check-in

Step 1

Open camera & scan QR code


Step 2

Verify number


Step 3

Declare Health Status to complete check-in


Step 4

Add additional guests


Step 5

View service info upon check-in


Step 6

Check-out upon exit


Automated Contact Tracing

Instant notification if your business has had contact with COVID-19

SafeEntry Australia has automated the contact tracing process with a unique algorithm so you get notified instantly regarding COVID-19 contact. Once a patron declares they are COVID-19 positive, the app verifies the confirmed case and sends an alert to every venue and person that patron has scanned within the last 14 days!

Step 1

A patron declares themselves COVID-19 positive via their Health Status.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases will not be able to check into venues for the next 14 days.

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Step 2

All venues the patron has scanned within the last 14 days receive a notification.

Patron identity not disclosed.


Step 3

The business has the option to notify all patrons who checked in the same day as the COVID-19 case.



Available for Download

3 steps to check-in

6 steps to check-in

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