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Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria

Safeguard your industry with SafeEntry


Web application

Easy to use web application with no downloads! Supports both iOS and Android devices. Scalable at speed at can manage a high volume of data! White-labelling available including custom design and text to meet requirements.


Passenger Verification

Contact information is verified with a one-time pin! Prevent false check-ins and protect your industry by choosing to verify your contacts. Remember, contact tracing is only effective with verified data!


Health Screening Tool

Quick and easy passenger health screening tool for added protection. Passengers can check-in once they submit their one click health declaration. The app will prompt passengers to update their health status every 24 hours to enable check-in. Check-in is disabled for 14 days for people declared COVID19 positive.


Touchless Check-in

Unlimited touchless check-in for all visitors by via QR code scan. Visitors can also easily check-in additional people without phones such as children.


Touchless Display

Upload service information for visitors or staff to view upon check-in for a completely contactless experience! This can include menus, catalogues, brochures, venue rules, induction information or any type of service information.
You can also link your website or social media accounts for visitors to view upon check-in.

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Scan History

Streamlined for use across vehicles, passengers have quick and easy access to their own scan history within the app!


Easy Vehicle Registration

Register an unlimited number of vehicles quickly and easily. Instead of "New Location" we will put "New Vehicle".


Vehicle Management Portal

Easily edit vehicle details, download vehicle QR codes and upload documents for passengers to view via the Vehicle Manager portal.


Check-in Counter

Each vehicle has a check-in counter where the manager can view the number of active or "live" check-ins as well as the daily total count of passengers. Manage the vehicle capacity count and maintain compliance with vehicle capacity regulations easily with SafeEntry.


Check-in Passengers Manually

Drivers or Vehicle Managers can now check-in visitors manually within the app. This option gives drivers more control and is also ideal when passengers do not have access to phones.


COVID-19 Alerts

Vehicle managers get notified instantly if a passenger declares themselves COVID19 positive. All COVID19 cases are verified through our system. Upon verification, the vehicle manager will receive an alert within the app with the date of COVID19 contact. This is automated contact tracing at its best!

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COVID-19 Compliance

Vehicle managers have the option to notify all passengers anonymously via the app with one click of a button. All passengers who scanned the same vehicle on the same day as the COVID confirmed case will receive a notification. Vehicle details do not need to be disclosed. This option is available to CPVV.


Data Privacy and Security

Absolute privacy is our priority. Passenger details are not exchanged or disclosed to vehicle managers. All passenger details including name and contact number are anonymised and stored encrypted on secure AWS servers IN Australia. This is in compliance with Australian Privacy Principles (APP).


COVID-19 Data Release Request

What happens if DHHS Victoria makes a Data Request? With one click of a button within the app, SafeEntry can release the passenger check-in log for any vehicle to the relevant department for the sole purpose of contact tracing.