SafeEntry Australia

Register your business with Australia's first streamlined national digital check-in system with automated contact tracing. SafeEntry offers digital check-in across venues and people for one easy, seamless experience. 

Use SafeEntry for:

- Touchless Check-in

- Touchless Menu Display

- Automated Patron Verification

- Integrated Health Screening

- Instant alerts re COVID-19 Contact

Comply with Australian government regulations for digital record keeping and get notified instantly if you or your business has had contact with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Image by Kate Trifo

What is the Safe Entry Coronavirus Tracker Australia?

Basically, Safe Entry is our answer to our government and people’s plea for a more effective and responsive Covid-19 detection and management. It is a web-based application that will allow an individual to register a health declaration form on a secure database which will then notify if the user has been in contact with a Covid-19 positive person.

Safe entry is the first of its kind web-based app that will allow every person to monitor their contacts, places visited and all other factors related to contracting the Covid-19 virus.  Theoretically speaking, if everybody in the country will use the Safe Entry, our government and us, the people will have access to an accurate and consistent database of everybody’s health declaration which will make contact tracing a lot easier and efficient.

It is our goal to provide the people with the best and most accurate contact trace app because we believe that in order to beat the virus, everybody needs to cooperate and contribute.


How does the Safe Entry Covid app work?

Safe entry simply works by having the individual or business declare their health status on their web-based app. These health declarations will then be stored in a secure centralised database and will be used in tracing and regulating the users. The app will issue a unique QR code to the user which can be used to “check-in” or “register” in the places that he will visit. By having the centralised covid app, users will be able to scan the places that they will visit and be notified if Covid-19 positive patients have been around in the area in the last 14 days.

And in the event that you are in risk of contacting the coronavirus such as;

  1. Visiting a place that have been also visited by a Covid-19 positive

  2. Communicating with a recently Covid-19 positive

  3. Within an area where a Covid-19 positive is present

The app will then immediately notify you and will also subsequently notify other users within the area, lessening the potential spread of the virus immediately. Moreover, to ensure accuracy and consistency, the app is set to store and update your information every 14 days to cover for the incubation period of the virus.


COVID-19 Tracker

The emergence of the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 has truly changed everybody’s normal. Without a legitimate vaccine that can truly eliminate the disease, the world is left with no choice but to accept living with the virus and prepare necessary measures in order to reduce its rate of contagion. 

And while frequent hand washing and wearing of proper masks has proven to lessen the spread of the virus. These measures are still not enough to truly allow people to live their days in peace and without fear of contracting the virus outside. 

Fortunately, Safe Entry is now here in Australia to offer people and institutions a more effective and wide-ranged Coronavirus tracker that will allow them to monitor and manage the risks of contracting Covid-19 in their communities.