SafeEntry Australia

Get your business QR code today with Australia's first streamlined national digital check-in system with automated contact tracing. SafeEntry offers digital check-in across venues and people for one easy, seamless experience. 

Comply with Australian government regulations for digital record keeping and get notified instantly if you or your business has had contact with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Visitor management made easy

Choose seamless visitor check-in to improve the guest experience across your operations and facilities.

Creating safe spaces for visitors is vital to the health and safety of our community. Company brochures, rewards programs, catalogues, price lists and even menus can be uploaded for visitors to view upon check-in.


Staff and contractor management that works

Keep your venue safe and secure and track the time and attendance of your staff and contractors.

Provide a safe workplace and manage time and attendance with a live capacity counter so your people can seamlessly return to work. Health, safety and company induction related information can easily be displayed on all devices and viewed upon check-in.


Join the thousands of people in Australia using SafeEntry

SafeEntry is used at locations such as schools, sports stadia, offices, industrial, medical, retail and commercial facilities.

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I'm so grateful to these guys. This is the easiest app for my customers to use. So happy with the genuine service as well.

Federico Zanellato

Owner & Head Chef

LuMi Bar Pyrmont


What’s news with SafeEntry?


Features List


Anonymised IDs Only

Privacy Guaranteed
No Bluetooth, GPS Tracking or Geolocation Metadata Extracted

Before the Run

Contactless Check-In

Fast site check-in via QR code for contactless check-in

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Instant Notification

Get notified if you have had possible Contact with COVID-19 in the last 14 days


12 Reasons to Choose SafeEntry

Simple Contactless Check-In Solution

Anonymous & Automated Contact Tracing

Visitor Health Screening Tool

Touchless Display for Catalogues, Menus or Induction Information

Non-Invasive QR Code Technology

No GPS Tracking & No Geolocation Metadata Extracted

Compliant with Health & Safety Regulations


Person to Location Check-ins

Instant Notification Re Covid19 Contact up to 14 Days Back

Ideal COVID19 Response Measure to Ensure Health & Safety

Patron Verification to Prevent False Check-ins

Web-Based App Only. No Operating System Updates